Summer Raspberry Update (as of July 19)!!!  — Tuesday, June 28th was our last day of strawberry picking… so we are now closed for you pick fruit until the fall when we have grapes. As for the summer red raspberries, I’m sorry to report that we are no longer doing preordered pints of raspberries… and we did NOT have you pick raspberries this year at all. The combination of fruit flies and Japanese beetles moving in have made it extremely difficult for us to know how many A quality pints we’ll get during any given picking. One day it can be 30 pints and the next picking 10 or less. So, because of this we will not be setting up at the Wednesday market for the forseeable future. We do hope to return to that market in August when our late season raspberries start to get going. And.. we continue to plan to be at Saturday’s market selling jam, jelly and honey… and however many raspberries and currants I can get to bring with. Thank you for your understanding and patience with us. Fighting bug pests without chemicals has been extremely challenging for us this year.


Welcome to Firefly Berries! We are Southeast Minnesota’s premier pick-your-own berry farm specializing in strawberries, raspberries, and Concord grapes. We are located just east of Rochester in southeast Minnesota.

Whether it is your first time picking your own fruit, or you are an experienced gardener, your time with us at Firefly Berries will be a treasured memory– a fruit-filled adventure you’ll want to repeat over and over!

Our first fruit of the 2016 season will be strawberries, which we anticipate starting sometime in mid June.

Summer 2016 hours: We are no longer open with regular hours, as we do not have you pick fruit available.  Once grapes are ready in late September/early October we will once again have regular hours.  Check back when it gets closer to learn more about those times.