Red Currants

100_5404We currently have a small amount of red currant bushes, available only through our sales at the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market.

Red currants are small red berries that grow on a 3-4 foot deciduous shrub. They are a part of the gooseberry family and are native to parts of western Europe. Prized for their tart flavor with a hint of sweetness, they are great served fresh on salad, in yogurt or as a garnish to other dishes. However, they are most commonly used in jellies, and in baking (both sweet dishes as well as breads).  We also suggest them for use in smoothies and juice!

Red currants are in season from mid to late July. Call us today to inquire about their availability (507) 252-1309.


  • Place currants loosely in a shallow container in the refrigerator.  Cover with plastic wrap to retain freshness.
  • Do not wash currants until you are ready to eat them. Excess moisture will encourage mold growth.


  • Currants are low in calories and high in Vitamin C.
  • In the 1920’s currants were a popular fruit grown in the United States, but a disease outbreak led to a federal ban on the planting of currant bushes. The ban was lifted in 1966, but the fruit never rebounded to its original popularity level.
  • Red currants have been shown to increase immune function, alleviate high blood pressure and protect against cardiovascular disease.