Knit In Nature Nights


Knit in Nature nights are a special time we set aside during the summer months to create handmade items for those in need in our community.  These nights grew out of our outreach program, Firefly Hats for Hope Initiative-MN, as a way to gather people together in community to share the love and resources and gifts that we all have.

Any and all fiber enthusiasts, from beginner to experts, are welcome to join us.  Each scheduled night we meet from 6-9 pm out at Firefly Berries.  If the weather permits, we sit outside and knit/crochet together.  If it’s raining we simply move to the screened-in porch area at the back of the family house.   And if you’ve never knit or crocheted before and want to learn, we’ll get you started.  We’d love to have you!

Due to our extra busy 2018 spring, we’ve decided to postpone knit nights until July.  Check back in the coming weeks to see our dates for July – September!